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Unleash Your Greatness: The Non-Negotiable Virtues of a True Man of Character


I don’t know about you, but I am not here to be average; I want to be a true man of character! So I keep asking myself, what are the virtues of a great man so I can be more intentional in how I show up? This article is a tool that will help you to gauge how much you live by those virtues and help you align your behavior to be the best of who you can be. Every day you have a new opportunity to get closer to the best of who you are. Or, you know, you can just stay comfortable and keep complaining. Your call.

Every day you create yourself by how you think, talk, and behave. The level of power and control we have over our life might be a bit scary (I guess that’s why so many people decide not to take responsibility for it, no judgment here, it’s just an observation). Being your best self means living up to your own personal standards and values. While it’s easy to list those values, it takes daily effort and determination to stay true to them, especially when no one else is around to hold us accountable (I see you binging on chocolate when you’re home alone!). But that is when your true nature is revealed. Are you playing a role, or are you truly a person of character?

This consistency and alignment with our values allow us to become our best selves and inspire greatness in those around us. You can be a positive force in the world or drag people down. What impact do you want to have? Once again, your call.

Now, everyone’s values are different, and there is no right or wrong when it comes to prioritizing them. However, certain virtues are essential for anyone who wants to impact those around them positively.

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You can read tons of stuff about virtues; the reality is that it is not something to learn but something to practice (yes, there is work to do!). For each virtue, you’ll find a separate article that goes deeper into defining the virtue, challenging you with uncomfortable questions and confronting you with the hard truth. In your quest for self-mastery, discomfort is the way; courage is the light. 

Unleash Your Inner Greatness: The Non-Negotiable Virtues of a True Man of Character

Unleash Your Greatness: a True Man of Character

What is a virtue?

Virtues are moral qualities that are held up as positive examples in society. Everybody agrees that those qualities are good to have. They are the foundations of a healthy, happy, and meaningful life. Virtues help us to develop our character, shape our behavior, and guide us in making decisions in our lives; they form a code of conduct by setting a standard for our behavior. They help us live our life with purpose, be more resilient when faced with difficult situations, and, ultimately, help us be our best selves. That’s inspiring, isn’t it!?

The benefits of having virtues

If you don’t know who you are and what you stand for, you will keep responding to what life throws up at you. You will behave emotionally and let others and circumstances influence and define who you are. Basically, you are not living to your full creative expression. Without some moral rules, you will learn by creating lots of suffering in your life and the life of others. Less inspiring, right?

You become a better person when you have a code of conduct. Because it guides your behavior. The truth is, everyone has a code of conduct! Maybe you are unaware of it because it is commonly accepted as part of the culture or ethics, or you have been raised that way. The law is a code of conduct that sanctions undesirable behavior. But I am not talking about that here; I hope you are conscious enough that you don’t need a penal law to stop you from committing offenses against other beings (if you are a psychopath, you may leave now.)

The Importance of developing virtues to control our dark side

I am not talking about a code of conduct to prevent atrocities. But let’s be truly honest; we humans have a dark side. We have the capacity for cruelty, violence, selfishness, and greed. We have unconscious aspects of our personality, such as our fears, desires, and motivations (there is more than that, but let’s keep it simple) that can pervert our minds. It is characterized by a lack of empathy, a disregard for the feelings of others, and a tendency to prioritize personal gain and pleasure over the needs of others, and manifests in the form of aggression, manipulation, and deception (we’ve all walked that path once to some degree).

I know the above paragraph was a bit uncomfortable to read. It was meant to be provocative because we can’t improve the things we pretend are not there. So let’s stop pretending; there is no shame in embracing our humanity. Having a set of virtues will keep this shadow side in check and help you stay in control of your actions while always choosing to show up as your best.

The non-negotiable virtues of a true man of character

A true man of character is the kind of guy who stands up for what’s right, even when it’s uncomfortable. He’s honest, even when it would be easier to lie. He’s the one who will give you the shirt off his back, even if he’s cold himself. But a true man of character also knows how to have a good laugh and not take himself too seriously. He’s not afraid to be silly and make a fool of himself for the sake of a good laugh. In short, a true man of character is a rare breed. 

To become a true man of character, you must first define your character and the values and virtues you want to live by. You’ll find below the non-negotiable virtues you must adopt to be great. Implementing those virtues will help you show up with high moral standards, no matter what, where, and with whom.


Honesty is the cornerstone of any meaningful relationship. Including the relationship with yourself! Everyone knows how crucial honesty is, yet it’s not always the easiest policy to follow. 


Integrity is to hold yourself to your highest standards, say what you think, and do what you say. When you have a high level of integrity, you remove the word “I should” from your vocabulary.


Yes, you are the most important person in your life, but if you don’t care about others, there is a lonely road ahead. 


A true man of character understands the value of focusing on himself but is not selfish. You must learn to put yourself first while putting your ego aside and cultivate a willingness to help others without expecting anything in return.


Without courage, you give in to fear, doubt, and complacency and don’t take action when needed. To me, it’s pretty simple: No courage = mediocrity. If you want to be great, then do what’s scary and do it first. 


I know I am the best, but I don’t say it, and I behave in such a way that it is the words others use to describe me. If you lack humility, you’ll just be a one-person parade without spectators, talk more than you listen, learn less, and stop growing.


When we show respect to others, we acknowledge their value as human beings and their right to be treated with fairness and kindness. others with kindness and consideration.  It is a fundamental aspect of how we interact with others in society. And even if you live secluded on a deserted island, self-respect directly influences your sense of self-worth and self-esteem, allowing you to create more fulfillment in your life. 


You thought life was easy? Time to leave unicorn land and come back to the real world. Nothing is given; everything is earned (except maybe the love of your parents, but once again, not everyone is that lucky). If you want to have an impact and leave a legacy behind, you’ll have to demonstrate perseverance and continue to strive and work towards your goals despite obstacles. 


Taking ownership of your actions and decisions can be challenging. It is easier to blame others or circumstances, but that doesn’t lead you anywhere. A true man of character follows through on commitments and obligations, is reliable, can be trusted, and take responsibility for his behavior. Avoiding responsibility is like running from your shadow.


Wisdom is the ability to navigate the complexities of life and the world around us with a broad and nuanced perspective. It involves utilizing past experiences, current emotions, and feelings to make sound judgments and decisions. It is not only about growing a white beard but about the pursuit of understanding the purpose and meaning of life while maximizing potential. 

Unleash Your Greatness: a True Man of Character

Being a true man of character

Why settle for mediocrity when you can achieve greatness?  You don’t need more time, more money, or anything else to live by those virtues. You can do it anywhere, anytime; there is no excuse.

I was walking through the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and as I was looking at the graves, I thought, “one day I’ll be there” (not buried in Buenos Aires, I mean “dead”). 

What do I want to have written on my tomb?

I came up with a million things like; a man who lived, a natural leader, a loving husband, a great man, an adventurer, a life lover, a man of excellence, a role model, an exceptional human being, a true man of character.

Does that sound pretentious? What is wrong with aspiring to be the best of who you can be? Everyone can achieve greatness if committed and intentional.

So today, I declare that I will follow a strong set of moral principles and values that guide my actions and decisions. I will be a person of integrity who is truthful, dependable, respectful, and accountable. Someone willing to stand up for what is right, even in the face of adversity, and who is willing to admit and correct mistakes. I will show up as my best and demonstrate courage, compassion, humility, and perseverance. I will constantly strive for self-improvement.  

I will be a true man of character and role model the way for others.

This is the way I want to show up; what about you?

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Download Chapter 1 of my new book: "The Illusion of Time"

After nearly dying in a tsunami, I dove deep into personal growth, trying to find answers to my questions. I promised myself to live every single day to the fullest and inspire others to do the same. But for that, I had to get better at life. In my book “The Illusion of Time,” I put together 11 lessons to not suck at life and make the most out of it.

Download Chapter 1 of my new book: "The Illusion of Time"

After nearly dying in a tsunami, I dove deep into personal growth, trying to find answers to my questions. I promised myself to live every single day to the fullest and inspire others to do the same. But for that, I had to get better at life. In my book “The Illusion of Time,” I put together 11 lessons to not suck at life and make the most out of it.

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