The illusion of time

Welcome to this private page exclusively for the people who read “The illusion of time”. I hope you enjoyed reading the book. But it’s not over! When you decide to actually take a step to live a created life.

This is where the real magic happens!

The illusion of time | Workbook

It’s not a journal to write down and take notes about what I said in the book but to write down what you’re gonna do about what I say!

Bonus chapter

The journey doesn’t stop here, you are just getting started!

Being more intentional

One of the key in living a created life is to be very intentional. But fighting the status quo is no easy task! I set reminders on my phone, I write words in my house, I put pictures, etc, so I remember how I want to show up! You can download here some graphics.

Writing the book

I wrote the first page of the book in November 2018 and it took me 4 years to complete it! I think I mostly need time to articulate my thoughts, progress on my journey and develop the courage to put it out.

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